Elinette is a Danish luxurious fashion label.

At Elinette we create clothes for the fashion conscious, self-confident, feminine, modern woman who likes to dress stylish and comfortable for everyday and special occasions while effortlessly standing out of the crowd.

We emphasize a sleek design, an excellent fit, and a very high quality in both material selection and processing. Elinette is elegant and exclusive.

Our unique value is mastering a craftsmanship that reflects lasting designs in the finest materials, a perfect fit and the best quality tailoring.

At Elinette we make all pattern constructions in-house and the first prototypes undergo thorough and extensive quality checks. This way we ensure the best possible quality in the design process.

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Designed in Denmark, produced in Europe

We do not compromise with the quality in Elinette, where we worship the stylish Scandinavian look and maintain high demands for the quality and production in Europe.

Exclusive fabrics and a greatly unique fitting are the key words for us when we design, construct and produce clothing for the fashion-conscious women.

At Elinette we are proud to be known for creating spectacular dresses, that will both impress guest at the grand summer party and colleagues at the workplace. You will also find a large selection of beautiful skirts, blouses and trousers though


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Experience Elinettes Basics with blazers and business

Are you searching for the sharp look for your employees or yourself? Then with Elinette Basics you will access a wide selection of classic “business wear”, that consist of stylish blazers, skirts, trousers, blouses and dresses – always in a professional and stylish look.  

We continuously develop and improves our styles, but our work is based on the principle “never out of stock”, so we are constantly complementing our shelves – and therefore you will always have your work outfit ready.